“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”


The Goblet of Fire is an amazing book that might intimidate a beginner reader because of its size but its full of amazing moments.

It begins when the Weasley family take Harry to the Quidditch World Cup but a Dark Mark appears in the sky and Death Eaters terrorize the Muggles. When Winky the House Elf gets blamed for it, she gets detained by the Ministry of Magic. When Harry arrives at Hogwarts, Dumbledore announces that the Triwizard tournament is going to happen and only wizards 17 and up can enter. Two wizarding schools are competing against each other too. When the people who can compete in the tournament get announced by the Goblet of Fire. One person from each school can compete. Cedric Diggory gets chosen for Hogwarts but the Goblet of fire also chooses Harry even though he is underage. He then participates in the challenges and the plot twist at the end is unexpected.

Even though the previous book The Prisoner of Azkaban was so astounding, The Goblet of Fire was better compared to it.

In my opinion, This book is in my top three Harry Potter series books so far. I support this reason because it had a good amount of action and it also had a good amount of calm scenes. I also think it’s a top three Harry Potter book because the plot twist at the end made me get up from my seat and take a walk in the classroom. The final reason is that the pace of the book makes it not too fast or too slow.

J.K Rowling’s storytelling and pacing makes this book an amazing book and if you read this book, you should read the next book in the series, The Order of The Phoenix.