“I get into sixth grade and, I’m going to a different school and, I am not going to my neighborhood school and, I didn’t know anybody”


Lizbeth Hernandez

Mr. Farkas is posing.

Amanda Cirilo

Mr. Farkas is a guy that had a hard time making friends in middle school until he started to socialize more and more and made friends of his own. He now has two best friends he met in high school, Hannah and Alec, that Farkas grew up with and now talks to every week.



Jasmine Cirilo: What was your childhood like?
Jeremy Farkas: That’s a big question. I guess my childhood was good. I grew up in the middle of Brooklyn in a neighborhood called Kensington which was just downhill from a really fancy neighborhood but it was just downhill. It was big like Irish and, Italian neighborhood a lot of like everyone’s uncle was at least a firefighter and, we played in the street a lot we played traffic and, someone will be looking out for a car and, yell “car!!” when a car is coming and we will get out of the street. And it was good I was a only child which is weird you know and, then a while later I was going from elementary to middle school in my elementary school we had the same class with the same group of kids it was a big public school but for some reason my class I think maybe all classes had the same group every year then I get into sixth grade and, I’m going to a different school and, I am not going to my neighborhood school and, I didn’t know anybody and, I realized that being an only child that grew up on the same block and having to be with the same kids in elementary school I had to make a new friend in like five years. And I didn’t have an idea how to do that so that was hard. yeah it was good I read a lot of Star Wars books.
JC: Did you have a group of friends if so how many?
JF: Well it changes over time who your friends are it’s like in elementary school I played with the kids on my block or my parents friends kid you know in middle school and in high school I started making one of my own friends so yeah in high school I was friends with a bunch of kids from my neighborhood and we went to the same school together and there were other kids in the neighborhood who went to different schools. And we would all hang out together and, go to the park after school and, play in the band together.
JC: Who were you closest to?
JF: A friend of mine Hannah we went to the same elementary school and, high schooling college and, grew up in the same neighborhood and, now she lives in LA too and, we have been friends for a million years. I was actually at her house last week my wife and, I went over there for dinner because she just had a new baby girl and, her baby daughter is called Ester and, she was very very cute she looks like a pink potato but she is like very long um and, my friend Alec who also lived in my neighborhood and, he went to the same High school and, we are still friends too we used to go to the deli during lunch we could go out for lunch for lunch in school we used to go and play like chess and, back Outman outside the deli during lunch sitting in the curve and play a game.
JC: What was school like in your time?
JF: In my time kids payed attention In school back in my day.