“Island of Blue Dolphins” is about surviving all on your own

Island of Blue Dolphins is about surviving all on your own

Island of the Blue Dolphins is about a 12-year-old girl who is stranded in the middle of nowhere. She got there due to a plane crash while trying to go to visit someone. Her name is Karana and she was left alone on an island with no one else, no resources, and no chance of getting back home. She finally finds someone on the island, but they were a part of a tribe that has been living before she was there. Trying to escape, Karana is stuck building a raft but when she tested it she started to drown and was saved by dolphins. When people from somewhere else try coming to the island, Karana finds a way to get home since they came in ships. She gets home safe and sound with the ships that came with resources for her to use.

I really enjoyed the plot and ending, especially the first time she tries to get home. When she tries getting home, she gets saved by dolphins. Imagine you were in her position: How would this make you feel alone and scared for months? I enjoyed how she was able to survive with the skills she had and how she was able to do it all alone.

The author is  Scott O’Dell, who is one of the most respected authors. Since I have not read any other books he has written I do not have any books to recommend, but reading this made it feel that we should give his other books a try. 

Reading this book really connected to me, so like when I’m alone and I need food I know I need to do it all on my own. This is a good book and I’d recommend it to people who feel like they are alone or they don’t have anyone that can help them, because that’s what Karana was: alone and scared. But if she made it, everyone can make it.