Archie Volume 1: Good or not?


Archie is based on old comics published in 1941. The story’s setting is at Riverdale, a fictional place where many people live. For example, Archie, a good, smart kid, wants to do the right things but fails at doing them.

At first when I read it, I thought it was alright but the second time I read it it felt good reading a book that I actually enjoy very much. This story makes me feel like watching a Marvel movie, for example Spider-Man: No Way Home. Anything can happen, but we all know it’s going to be good because it’s a Marvel movie and we all know that Kevin Feige never disappoints in a movie. 

The beginning was ok. I liked how they introduced the characters but the “lipstick accident” wasn’t needed. I mean that’s one way where they can introduce Veronica Lodge and start caring for Archie. Another thing I didn’t like from this book was I feel like they rushed introducing Archie and Betty. They broke up right on the second page without really introducing Betty too well. One last reason why the book is slightly bad is they had a bad character development and had a fast pace and really couldn’t get to know the characters in a good specific way. Now for the reasons why I liked this book. 

One good reason why this book was good is it had good character designs such as Archie. He usually wears simple stuff but now in this type of version of Archie he wears a gray jacket which would make girls like him. Another reason this book is good is because it had good color designs. It made my eyes feel like they were a lucid dream where I can make a rainbow and stay like that for a while. My last reason I think this book is good is it had a good way to bring people in with the new designs with the new versions of the characters. I would probably recommend this book to people who are into drama and if they are in the age  range of 12-13 they will like it.