Pet Review #2 : Taco the Mutt

Review #002 – Taco! MR. Finer’s amazing dog!
Taco being cool.
Taco being cool.
Mr. Finer

Pet Review #002

Subject : Taco


A: “Mr Finer, what are your thoughts on Taco? Like, what do you love about your dog and what are her hobbies?”


Mr. F: “Things Taco loves to do? She loves to watch Dodger games, she loves to beg for food. She… likes uh… to go person to person to seek attention. She does like to sit in people’s laps. And she’s very protective of her spot on the end of the couch.”

“Oh! And every birthday or if the Dodgers win a playoff series, she gets steak. She loves steak. She’s a sweetheart, she never barks or bites, and she just likes being pet, loved and loves her belly being rubbed. She’s like the most mellow dog. She never runs away or anything. If the gate is open she sits there, waiting, asking like, “Hey, are you going?”And if not she goes back inside.”

“Sounds like a very nice dog.” – Amaurie


D: “What breed is your dog? Is she a hybrid or just one breed?”


Mr. F: “She’s a mutt – my landlady got her from the animal shelter (I’m really like the doggie uncle – I rent the back house from my landlady but Taco and I hang out all the time).  But we think she has some Pit Bull and some Black Lab (black Labrador retriever) in her.  It looks like the back of her doesn’t quite match the front.”

“A few more details about her:  She loves belly rubs and she’s extremely intelligent.  She’s friends with the turtles who live in the koi pond in our courtyard.”


I: “She sounds very silly! “


Mr. F: “She’s a really good girl!”



12/10 – They seem like a really nice dog to have! They have a huge heart! (AMAURIE)

10/10 – I love dawgs, can you blame me? No you cant. Dogz are dogs. They’re epic. (IRVIN)

9/10 – Seems like a pretty cool dog! (DIEGO)

RATING : 31/30

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  • R

    RoselynJan 9, 2024 at 12:32 pm

    I wonder how Taco likes her steak.

  • A

    AmaurieDec 4, 2023 at 1:23 pm

    To whomever it concerns, I will be releasing 3 pet reviews during the winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippie!

    • J

      joshua PFeb 1, 2024 at 11:08 am

      thank you for this information Amaurie Poventud, I will be looking to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!