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Pet Review #5: Trooper, The Chill Cat

Welcome to pet review #5 where we interview Felix Hernandez and his cat named Trooper! Stay tuned as there will be more pet reviews to come! And if you want to be interviewed please ask in the comments!
Felix Hernandez
Trooper mewing in front of the camera.

Amaurie Poventud: What is your pet’s name?

Feliz Hernandez: Trooper.

Irvin de Jesus: Trooper?

AP: That’s pretty nice name honestly.

FH: Trooper from Star Wars.

AP: Honestly, I might name my next dog that.

IDE: What is your pet?

FH: A cat.

IDE: Alright!

AP: And what would you say about Trooper?

FH: She’s like a lovely cat.

FH: She’s really- She’s really chill.

AP: What would you say are her qualities of her being chill? What makes her chill?

FH: Like, she doesn’t buy. She’s like, I don’t know how to explain it. She just lays around.

IDE: What does she do?

AP: Is she playful?

FH: No, not that. Because I know she’s chill like that.

AP: But what does she do sometimes? Does she play with you sometimes?

IDE: Is she really messy?

FH: She’s not messy, but sometimes.

IDE: Sometimes what?

FH: She like… Sometimes she’s playful, bro.

AP: All right.

AP: If you were able to say anything about her, what would you say- If she could actually listen to you, which I’m pretty sure it can’t actually.

AP: What would you say to her?

FH: I’ll say like… She just…

IDE: You don’t know?

FH: Yeah, I don’t know what I’ll say to her.

IDE: Does she have any toys? Like, what’s her favorite toy or what’s her favorite place?

FH: What’s her favorite place? Yeah, like, her favorite place is like, be on the couch.

AP: Any toys? Or…

FH: Yeah. Like, some mouse toy that’s holding on the string.

IDE: Oh, those.

FH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

AP: I know, I know, don’t worry, I know.

AP: And by the way, how did you raise her?

FH: I raised her… Like, I just raised her. I just raised her.

IDE: Where’d you get her?

FH: She was… She had a ball which I used to take care of, and then she died.

AP: Oh, she died?

FH: Yeah.

IDE: Damn.

FH: I think she died, but…

IDE: She ran away?

FH: Yeah, she probably ran away.

AP: Poor Kitten. Well, thank you for letting me interview.

FH: Yeah, you’re welcome.

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  • J

    Josue AlonzoApr 15, 2024 at 12:54 pm

    Felix’s cat is chill like him