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Pet Review #3 : Rocky – The Baby Rottweiler

The 3th installment of Pet Review!- And, the first pet review of the new year 2024. Hopefully this year will be amazing and hopefully, you have an amazing day too! Make sure to vote at the bottom of the story what is YOUR rating with the poll, and if you have any pets please comment down below!
Joshua Aguilar
Rocky the Rottweiler being adorable

Amaurie Poventud: What do you think about Rocky? What are his traits? What are his personalities and stuff? And what does he do?

Joshua Aguilar Something that he really likes to do. He’s curious. He’s always playful. He always wants to eat something. Doesn’t matter the cost. And he always tries to dominate whatever he grabs, like speed toys. Like, he always tries to rip it apart. No, his own things he will take care of, but others he would just try to take it and just rip it all apart.

AP: So he’s kind of, like, picky?

JA: No, not picky. I mean, like, he’s dominant of his own things. Yeah. Dominant of his own things. Yeah. He’s also very protective against me and my two sisters.

AP: Do you take him out for walks or anything? Where does he go sometimes?

JA: Well, we only go around, like, the block. We go around the block again, but for a very long time. All he really does is eat grass and just start chasing other animals.

AP: Has he ever gone into a fight with another dog?

JA: He has encountered other dogs, but he was little, so he couldn’t really do nothing. But he has never gotten bitten. But the recent fight, it was a chihuahua, and he did not hurt it.

AP: Okay, so he’s friendly?

JA:  wouldn’t say that.

AP: Is he playful?

JA: He’s very playful, yes.

Irvin De Jesus: You said that he would eat anything he sees, right?

JA: Practically, yes.

IDE: What is the weirdest thing that he’s eaten?

JA: I don’t even know. I know. You could even, like, that dog can’t even get hurt.

JA: He’s eating chocolate, onions, and garlic. And he’s still alive.

IDE: What?

JA: I didn’t feed him.

AP: He’s still alive.

JA: Yes. That’s what I thought.

JA: We went camping, and all he did was he ate some chocolate whoppers. He was still alive. At New Year’s Eve, we had a plate full of grapes. Half of them were gone. He was still alive. My mommy grilled onion just put on hamburger. My hamburger was gone. The bacon was gone, the whole onion was gone.

JA: Garlic. We literally made a whole garlic bread. And then my dad didn’t know to give him garlic bread. Then he ate two pieces and he’s still alive.

AP: How is he alive?

AP: Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s still alive. But how?

He’s so strong, I don’t even know usually. I don’t know. Sometimes I just think hes born different. I don’t know.

IDE: That’s just crazy.

JA: They checked him and he said everything’s perfectly good. So I don’t know what’s wrong with his immune system or anything.

IDE: Oh, what the hell. He’s superhuman. He’s not human. He’s not human.

JA: He’s dog. He’s super.

AP: No, he’s Superman’s dog. He’s not human.

JA: He’s not human.

AP: He’s a skinwalker.

JA: I don’t even know.

AP: So what is the weirdest thing you’ve seen him do? Or what is a story about him? A story he has ever done?

JA: One time. What’s it called? When we went camping, it was the same that he ate chocolate. When we went camping, I don’t know what animal was. It was like a type of squirrel, but it was very small and it looked like a rat. But I know it wasn’t a rat because it didn’t have a tail.

IDE: A Chinchilla?

JA: No, it wasn’t a chinchilla. We went camping. It’s not different. Yeah. And he just started chasing it. And at one point he ran back and little animals started chasing him. And then later he was chasing his own tail and the rat was on top of him. I don’t know how. It just happened. I looked at my family for just 3 seconds, just to help, and then I looked back and it was just right there.

IDE: Oh, what the hell? That’s just weird.

AP: What was the first thing that he hunted?

JA: It’s a mystery because one time, no, many times. It’s like a common thing now. It’s not even uncommon. It happened on a daily basis, but it doesn’t happen no more. So he came back with skulls. Yeah, like literally skulls.

IDE: What??

JA: But you could tell he didn’t bite them because there wasn’t any marks of him. They were dry, completely dry. They were brown, black. I couldn’t tell. And then my dad wanted to go on there, and he saw. I don’t know, it was like a hope. Like, if he buried it, because it was like a small, deep hole with nothing in that. So he took all of them out. He took them all out. And ever since that day, he gets. We couldn’t tell because if it was a bat or some type of animal.

AP: Oh, ew.

JA: We didn’t know it was so random back then. Cats still do this straight under the house, and then they’ll go out to get trash and stuff, and they would just leave. So I don’t know if they died during the process because they couldn’t poison or something like that, and it just dried out. I don’t know. But it just happened, dude.

AP: At this point, I don’t even think your dog’s human. I think your dog’s like some. I don’t even know.

IDE: Your dog’s a different breed, dude. How does he have dead bodies inside of your basement? And also, how is he superhuman?

JA: I don’t know. But ever since that day, my dad figured out everything. We checked three times that it was everything. So there was no, nothing under. And yes, it’s security blocked. We put the fence back, and we found out how we did it. He kept on biting on the metal, and he found that critical scratching and scratching and scratching it until it was messing up. So he could just keep on just pushing it with the spot, and he made a hole. So we patched that up with heat. We threw it back up, put wood, and then we put another one just to make sure. We put another piece of art.

AP: Have you ever checked in there ever again?

JA: No, and I do not want to. Jesus. It was, like, size of my hand. Wait, the skull. It was like this big.

IDE: Ew.

JA: I couldn’t tell what the hell it was. But it was weird because it wasn’t like any other body part. It was just a skull. Like the head. That’s it.

AP: Well, before we end this interview, would you like to say anything else?

JA: Not really. All I say is, whatever you feed him, he’ll going to be good, but they don’t really matter. He’s still going to be alive.

AP:  Thanks for letting us interview you.

IDE: All right, thanks, Joshua.

JA: Thank you.



AP: So Irvin, we forgot to say this in Investigations but what do you rake Rocky out of a 10?

AP: I’d personally rate him an 8.5/10. He’s very unique and I feel like he has a lot of stuff going on in his head. What about you?

IDE: Id say the dog is very like, imaginative??

AP: Like what do you mean.

IDE: Like, I agree with you with the thinking stuff but i feel like he imagines a lot of stuff.

IDE: Id say he’s a 9.5/10. I like him. He’s silly.

How would you rate this pet on a scale of 1 to 10?


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