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What happens when there’s a fight at school?

Michael Sandoval
Students in 127.

When there’s a fight at AJMS, there are protocols that staff follow to handle them.

First, the staff and teachers separate the students that are fighting, then they make sure the students are okay, asking if they got hurt or need any medical assistance. Shortly after, they take the students all to separate rooms and call parents to come pick them up so things don’t escalate.

Ms. Perez said, “All we want is for things not to escalate and cause panic.”

When that is also done, Ms. Perez or Mr. Flota interview students or any bystanders that saw the fight, asking what they saw or who started it. They also interview the students that actually fought and check the cameras. After all that, they can determine who started or what started the fight. Things that usually start fights are shoulder checking, playing around in hallways, or already having some bad feelings for each other.


The consequences

Some of the consequences are lunch detention and morning detention. The students that fought get escorted to each class. They must also do online lessons from Ripple Effects. The students also lose monthly privileges like the monthly incentives and field trips. Students that didn’t even fight can also get these consequences, like if a student recorded the fight or told someone to fight someone else. Another consequence is something that doesn’t occur every time, where the students that fought have to stay in 127 the whole day (the following day).

Ms. Perez stated, “Students who fought or didn’t fight but had something to do with the fight also get the consequences.”

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