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How the school prepares for 8th grade culmination

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These next two weeks are exciting for 8th graders since they are culminating, having field trips, and having their finals, but how does the school plan or prepare for 8th grade culmination? We interviewed school staff and teachers on what they need for culmination and how they prepare the 8th graders for culmination. 


This is what counselor Laura Gutierrez said:

How long does it take to get stuff ready for culmination?

“The preparation starts months before the actual day of culmination. Some of the preparations include: requesting the date/ time for the venue, inviting guest speakers, printing certificates, ordering flowers and other decor items, practicing with your advisory class, and ordering the buses that take you to the venue, to name a few of the things that happen prior to culmination. Many people are involved in the process and it takes months to prepare, order and execute everything for culmination.”


Do students have to culminate?

“Students do not have to participate in the culmination. However, it is a once a lifetime opportunity to experience such an important milestone in your life. You won’t get a second opportunity to experience middle school and participate in a middle school culmination.”


What is the hardest thing to do when trying to prepare for culmination?

“The hardest thing in my opinion is making sure students meet the requirements to participate in culmination. That includes students knowing what are the requirements to participate in culmination and ensure they are working on meeting those requirements.”


This is what 8th grade class sponsor Jacqueline Alamilla said:

What do you do to prepare for culmination?

“I have to communicate with teachers and try to explain their responsibilities for the different events. Some teachers have to be at culmination to read the Thank You statements and others are just guests, so that is one of my main responsibilities – making sure 8th grade advisory teachers prepare the Thank You statements with the students, practice them, and have them ready to read at the ceremony. I also have to communicate with students and remind them of the culmination requirements and help communicate information from the office as well. I pretty much just inform people of the information. The actual requirements and all that are determined by Mr. Flota.”


Who helps set up the culmination?

“The workers at Animo Legacy set up the chairs and stage and then people from the main office put together the programs, certificates, and everything else for the ceremony. Mr. Flota and Ms. Perez also prepare speeches and what they’re going to say during the ceremony.”


How do you prepare 8th graders to culminate?

“I remind them of the deadlines and requirements and try to encourage them to attend the events and raise their grades and lower their demerits to be able to attend. I also try to have grades finalized early enough so students know what their grades are and can fix them if they need to.”


This is what school operations manager Cecilia Matamoros said:

How long does it take to get stuff ready for culmination?

“The school starts preparing during the first semester. One of the most important things is to secure the venue, date, and time.  During the second semester, transportation needs to be confirmed, permission slips created and distributed, and set up for a formal picture date.”


Do students have to culminate? 

All eligible students participate in the culmination event; however, it is not mandatory.”


Is it necessary to culminate?

“It is a way to celebrate students’ accomplishments with staff and family.”


 What is the hardest thing to do when trying to prepare for culmination?

“To create a plan to follow and to meet deadlines.”

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    This is very informational so students can prepare.