How do people react to President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration?


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People protest for changes to immigration policies.

President Barack Obama is currently taking executive action on immigration policies. Executive action is anything the  president calls on Congress or his administration to do.

The Senate already passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill, but the majority Republican House of Representatives did not pass it. Because Congress did not pass a bill, President Obama took executive action on his own.  Obama felt the need to take executive action because he felt like we are forcing “talented young people” out of the country. Obama has been criticizing Republicans for not passing a bill through Congress. Obama has promised to continue to work on the immigration system that has been broken.

Obama’s executive action could delay the possibility of deportation for up to five  years for many undocumented people who came here as children, are parents of citizens, or are permanent residents.

Eighth and sixth grade history teacher, Sehrish Jamshed, said, “Its a big step into helping immigrants. I think its definitely beneficial for immigrants.”  Jamshed thinks that presidents could change the policy in the future.  “They can, but I hope they don’t. In three years we’re going to have a new president and he or she could change it.”

Eighth grade student Yesenia Fuentes said that she likes this plan because its helpful to many people, especially here in Los Angeles.