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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online cover photo,Wallpaper

Sword Art Online cover photo

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Sword Art Online (SAO) originally came from Japan. It is a show that is based on the comic book Sword Art Online.

It is about how in 2022, there is a new way of gaming. There are helmets that are called Nerve Gear that are used to go into the virtual world. A new game called Sword Art Online is released and thousands of people go to buy and play it.

Once in the virtual world it is announced that no one is allowed to leave the game until someone defeats all one hundred levels of the game and defeat the final boss.

Kazuto Kirigaya or known as Kirito is a solo player and is determined to beat the game and save everyone in it, but finds a lot of trouble on the way to his goal.

SAO has a really interesting plot that is very complex, which is something I like. It is like a puzzle that has multiple pieces and parts. It is very unpredictable because in some parts when you think you know what is going to happen something completely different happens. I very much enjoy this because it doesn’t involve a lot of things that can never really be found in a different to show. Also, it has many parts that will make you laugh hard, but has many dramatic moments that are sad and can make a person cry up a storm.

I would highly recommend this show to most people if they enjoy animation, action, or even adventure. This is a show that someone must watch.

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Sword Art Online