USC Girls Program

A new program at AJCMS!

Deseree Roque, Staff Writer

    AJCMS has just started a girls program for 7th and 8th grade after school run by students from USC. This program is called WYSC. It is used to help mentor girls about school and life with lessons about school work and relationships.  It helps students with things that we will experience  later in life.It is from 2:15-4:15. They play games, eat snacks, talk, and learn at the same time. 


    An eighth grader named Jade Ramirez also enjoyed going to this club after school. She said, ”I enjoy going myself. It also encourages me to work harder and handle situations better.” It helps handle situations very calmly without any problems. It is also very fun for her and inspiration. She said, “My favorite part is the food and when we talk about something we all been through.” She also feels that it helps her handle situation better. “I like having someone to talk to about my ideas and if I don’t want to answer them I don’t have to,” she said with lots of excitement. She also says said that she recommends  it. “Yes I do recommend it to others especially to people who have bad days.” She thinks that it helps you handle hard things in life better.


    A seventh grader named Jocelyn Chiquito had very different thoughts. She said”I really didn’t see much of a difference. I stopped going the first day.” She didn’t feel it was a good use of her time. “I didn’t like the idea of having to share my feelings with people I didn’t know.” She felt uncomfortable when they would tell her to share her thoughts on topics that they brought up. “Although I do like like the part of the food, but other than that I didn’t enjoy any other part of it.” She thinks that any other people just go for the food. “I don’t recommend it because they ask you your opinion on things you don’t want to answer.”


    A sixth grader named Desteny Roque has a neutral thought this club. “I don’t like that your able to go and I’m not because I’m a sixth grader,” she said. Although she said, “I also think it is good because I have seen a change in you in handling  a situation better. You also show me the things you learned and you also share your snacks with me.” Her views are both good and bad.


     This program affects people in different ways. They view it by the way they feel. They help encourage you  to do better and show that you have someone to talk to. Although the topic they talk about can be uncomfortable they help you see thing  in a better way.