Student Council sets up for the Spring Fling

Student Council started to set up for the Spring Fling even before the last school bell rang.


Student Council prepared for the Spring Fling during sixth period in the gym, but this year they didn’t get the gym until four because it was being used by the high school.


Emely Roca said, “Well we usually start setting up during sixth period but this year we didn’t get the gym until four because the high school was using it and we had limited time because we had two hours to set up but thankfully we had enough teachers to help out setting up.’’


Student Council members and teachers volunteered to set up everything.


“We all try to help each other out. We usually have people saying what they are they gonna do. For example, putting balloons up, putting up the streamers, some people were covering the windows with posters, and putting decorations on the wall,’’ said Emely.



Student Council starts to plan for the event two weeks before the actual Spring Fling.


Jessica Lopez said, “Actually we start planning two weeks before, we just have to look how we’re gonna decorate, but most of the job is Ms.Tovmasyan and Ms.Alamilla getting the materials and then us [on] Student Council is supposed to work on decorating.’’


Tovmasyan likes when all Student Council members help out but if they can’t it’s fine.


“I mean Ms.Tovmasyan likes all student council to help out but if they can’t go then they can’t go,” said Jessica.


Jocelyn Echeverria
Jessica Lopez


Student Council uses decorations to decorate for the Spring Fling. For example, they use table cloths, streamers, posters and balloons.


“We use decorations, posters and tables but we usually already have like those ready but sometimes we need to buy more so it is not repetitive from last year so we buy streamers you know like tablecloths and like sometimes buy new supplies like new tables or other things like that,” said Yesica Orihuela.


Student Council gets their money from the school itself, but sometimes they have to do fundraisers to buy new supplies that Student Council will need for the dance.


“I think so sometimes we get it from the school itself but other times we have to fundraise it ourselves,” said Yesica.