Wonder, a very catching book


Wonder is a very great book for adults and children. Wonder is about a boy named August having a disease that made him have a rare face deformation. He had always been home schooled and it was going to be his first year going to an actual school for fifth grade. Yet he had trouble wanting to go because it meant kids looking at him. He meets new people and goes through a bad friendship that ends between him and someone he thought was his best friend. Even after everything that happened with him and all those people that had a great impact in his life, it showed him that he was able to go through it and that he was a really strong boy.  


I have read other books that include adults being sick, like for example “Everything Everything” and I’m not going to lie, it is also a really good book. But this book is just so different. It talks about a ten year old kid when other books are mostly about 18 year olds and up. The thing that’s also good with the book is that it shares his sister and his friends’ thoughts so you could know what they think.


The author R.J Palacio talked about what inspired her to write the book. It isn’t a real story but its based on one time of her life where she and her kids were in an ice cream store and saw a girl with a facial deformity that made her kids get scared. She afterwards said that she was mad at herself for leaving the scene with her children instead of staying and making conversation with the girl and her children to show that there’s nothing to be afraid of. 


In general this is an amazing book for adults and children to read. It is very fun and it’s like experiencing the story with the characters. Kids will have a fun time reading it and it’s an easy level for kids. There are no difficult words in it. I liked the book a lot and I hope you decide to give the book a try. You’ll really like it.