Dead Girls Don’t Lie is a groundbreaking book

Dead Girls Don't Lie is a groundbreaking book

Dead Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf is a fictional story with real world problems. Jaycee and Rachel have been best friends since they were very young. One night Jaycee was at a party with Skyler “her boyfriend,” Jaycee got a text from Rachel that night.Rachel was found dead and now it’s up to Jaycee to find out what happened.


Rachel is the type of girl every boy wanted.She was beautiful and kind. Jaycee was the only person Rachel trusted, or so Jaycee thought she was the only one Rachel trusted. Rachel left clues in places only Jaycee would know. Rachel left them as if she knew something bad would happen.


Dead Girls Don’t Lie caught my attention when I was in my Empowered Reading class. Once I read the back cover, I really enjoyed the way it explained what is was about meaning I liked how it explained that Rachel was killed by someone Jaycee loved and trusted.I had finally decided to read it, it took me a while to read it but I did love it. I very much recommend it if you like books with mysteries and romance.


My experience with Dead Girls Don’t Lie was great. I really enjoyed the ending and I even had some mixed emotions (mad, sad and happy) while reading it. This book is very much like Allegedly. Allegedly is a book that has mysteries and romance. Allegedly is about about a girl who killed a baby “Allegedly” as she says.


This book is also like the movie The Darkest Minds. The movie also includes romance and mysteries. The Darkest Minds is about people wanting to kill all kids except the kids with powers.A girl who erased her parent’s memory of her is now trying to survive with a bunch of other kids.


Dead Girls Don’t Lie, Allegedly and The Darkest Minds are all similar because romance in two books and a movie ,two people fall in love. Mysteries in all three have many unanswered questions by the middle of the book and by the end of the book most of the questions get answered.