Your heart will jump for this motivational book


The most beautiful and inspiring book I have ever read has to be A Dog’s Purpose by W Bruce Cameron. The book talks about Bailey, our main character, who goes on a journey to explore the world and find his purpose. He ends up going and ending up in different people’s lives, giving them the joy of a dog. In the book, Bailey ends up in a yard of other dogs..

Bailey ends up running away from the yard in order to find an owner for himself. He ends up getting stuck in a hot truck, after getting a ride with a man. A woman finds him in the truck and gets him out. She takes him home to her son, Ethan. Bailey then stays with Ethan throughout all of his childhood to make Ethan, his owner, happy and to finally know what having a purpose feels like. The book features many characters such as Ethan, Senora, Mom, Hannah, and Todd. The book even featured dogs too!

I felt happy about the characters because they made the book feel realistic. Bailey is my favorite because he is a very outgoing character in the book. The book is seen in the perspective of Bailey, in which we read how he feels about everything and everyone.

Although the book already sounds pretty nice, the book does deal with some conflict. In the book, Ethan’s friend, Todd, lights Ethan’s house on fire after Ethan makes fun of him for not having any friends. Ethan had made fun of him because he had lied to his girlfriend, Hannah. Ethan then jumps out the window to save his life, but ends up breaking his leg. In the end, Bailey knows that it was Todd because he had started to bark and had bit him in the leg, leaving a trail of blood to Todd’s house. Bailey showed heroism, which is another reason I admired the book.

This astonishing and heart-warming book is about how stable friendships can be built through anyone, even a man’s best friend. This book mainly focuses on the dog going through different stages of life as many different dogs. The dog learns not only the joys of having an owner, but that every dog has a purpose, which is to stay by their owner. This book is very compelling and engrossing to me because it is very sorrowful, but in a very honorable way.

Another reason I pretty much enjoyed the book was because it has a very unhappy ending, unlike other dog books, which contain happy endings. This makes the book feel more unique because the reader would already know what to expect from a simple dog book like this.

To sum up, I would highly recommend this book to young teens and anybody who enjoys reading about dogs and life experiences because it is really inspiring and can easily motivate you to do anything.I would not recommend this to anybody under nine because it does contain a lot of words and might bore children easily.