Captain Underpants, the underwear fighting hero

Ever wanted to read a book about a silly superhero? This is the book for you.


Captain Underpants is a made up hero by two kids named George and Harold. Their mean principal that dislikes them threatens to separate them into different classes. That’s when the two boys hypnotize the principal thinking he’s a super high jumping, crime fighting, underwear wearing superhero. To activate this hero someone has to snap their fingers.  To deactivate it, they have to pour water on his head. George and Harold always get into some trouble, one time with some evil toilets, where they make toilets come to life that don’t listen. That’s when Captain Underpants first comes into action. If you finish the book and want to read another it’s okay because there is a series of the books. There are a lot of cool characters throughout the series. One character is Melvin, a smart kid that gets George and Harold in trouble a couple of times. There are also more books that are just like these that are by the same author. One book is Dog Man, which is about a police dog that fights crime. He is dog living a life like a human.


In that book the Dog is a hero that tries to be a better man but can’t be a better dog. He does a lot of things that a dog does, like drink out of the toilet, lick himself, and puke everywhere. He tries to be a better man but can’t be a better dog. He has to fight a cat that’s a villain. The cat hypnotizes all cops with a smell in the car but Dog Man drives with his head out the window.  Will he stop the evil cat? To find out if he can, buy these books. I recommend these books because they are silly, goofy, and fun to read. I believe a lot of people would enjoy  these books and enjoy reading.