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In Mexico, Rebeca was living with her parents until she got together with her husband. She had a child and along with her husband, they decided to go to the U.S so they can have a better life and job because of crisis in Mexico. Then she had two other girls and so she continued her life here in LA and since then she went through hardships but did everything for her kids. Now that she got used to living here she misses her family back home but know she’ll see them one day.


Karina Garduno: What was I like when I was little?
Rebeca Sanchez: Well you were naughty and a little bad but you were adorable. Everybody in the house loved you because you were the little one.  
KG: How did you feel when I was little, like how did I make you feel?
RS:  You made me feel very good, I love my girls, both.
KG: Did I give you a hard time when I was little?
RS: Mmm.. no because it was normal and thank god I had patience for that time I that I was with you so no.
KG: What do you like about me?
RS: That you’re intelligent, that you help me and understanding.
KG: How did I change your life?
RS: You changed my life to more cheerful more.. Oh and the truth, a bit busy because with you guys, we were busy since you were little girls it was more difficult to take care of you, it was complicated for me. More…… how do u say it? I was more like-
KG: Alone?
RS: No… you changed my life in the sense that before I used to rest and sleep a lot but now with your sister and you, not anymore because I had to take care of you and change you all hurried and maybe stressed.
KG: Oh okay. How was my childhood like?
RS: Well, I think your childhood was good, thank god you grew up with your sister so I feel you had a good time because you weren’t alone and played a lot with your sister. You guys fought and all but are sisters.
KG: How did I give problems when I was little?
RS: Oh because you were the smallest and you wanted everything so we had to sometimes give it to you but sometimes not. Then you got angry and cried a lot, you were too willful so that was not good. That’s why.
KG: What did I do when I was little?
RS: Well, just play and study. Learn your letters that you liked very much, compete in reading books and make your words to win candy and awards in school.
KG: Okay. What is it that scares you in life?
RS: What actually scares me is to lose any of my three children. It makes me very very very worried because of a car crash or if  they’re sick. For me it would be very terrible.
KG: If you could turn back time, what would you do different?
RS: If I could turn back time I would study, maybe I would’ve not come with your dad here and stay in my country to work and study.
KG: What is the difference between L.A  and Mexico for you?
RS: The difference in Mexico is that I didn’t pay rent, I only worked to eat and to dress and the whole family was always there living together. I felt that for me it was more relaxed. Here, it’s work, pay bills, and rent. If not, one goes down the bridge and it’s tough work to do.
KG: How many kids did you want to have?
RS: I never thought about it. With the ones I have is fine, it’s enough. But I never thought in how many I wanted, I just had you guys that’s all.
KG:What do you think of your three sons?
RS: I think that I would like for you guys to study and be successful for yourself because this life is tough and hard seasons are coming. I would like you all to be someone/ something good to be in life.
KG: Name one thing you like about your sons.
RS: Well my oldest son Edgar, I like that he is nice, listens to me, and despite his age he respects his dad and me and that yeah he respects us. Now what I like about my daughter Emily is the same, I love that she respects a lot and I love her so much and all. And you well the truth, the way you are and that you understand. That is the part that I like when you help me and when you propose something you do it, but what I don’t like is when you get mad a lot and get serious.
KG: Name someone who is important to you and how they impacted your life.
RS: Someone who is important to me and my life is my mother. She amazes me on how she survives on her own, fights the past, what everything has pass and moves on.
KG: Goals for this year?
RS: I don’t really like to think about goals because it’s something that I want to pursue but… my goal is to buy a house to not pay rent anymore, that is my one goal or dream I want.
KG: Okay mom that is all.