Always Running is an eye opener to many

Always Running is Luis Rodriguez’ memoir of being raised in Los Angeles with Mexican immigrant parents. It talks about Rodriguez and his parents coming in as strangers to a new country and their many hardships, such as going from place to place because jobs wouldn’t hire Spanish speaking individuals. Rodriguez was surrounded by gangs while living in Watts and East LA, which later lead to him joining Los Lomos, one of the biggest gangs. 

Always Running is a book that is focused on gangs and crime but also on race and social class. It also analyzes the struggles of growing up. For example it shows how Luis and his family go home-to-home because they weren’t able to pay rent. This book has some similarities to It Calls You Back,which is also written by Rodriguez. I will admit that It  Calls You Back is more emotional and a little more gut wrenching since it is more about love and his addiction.

Always Running is  definitely an eye opener to many. It shows an honest perspective about gangs and the culture that surrounds them. It also shows the feelings of a “ gangsta”  and their true emotions. Always Running is a book that changes your point of view on the human beings we call “ ghetto”, “gangstas”, etc . Not only that, Always Running is also a Chicano book that shows real Latino culture from immigrants coming to a new country and them doing the best the can to give their  kids a better future. 

Always Running is a book that has had a big impact. It has been reprinted many times and is now a play.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes real world books and has read books like The Hate U Give and Dear Martin.