“My opinion is that 2020 hasn’t been the best year so far.”


My Father

In this photo my sister Angela Hernandez finished elementary and we are celebrating it.

Sisters Julia Hernandez and Angela Hernandez sat down to talk about how their year has been.

Their opinions of 2020 and how they feel about the year from experience and from what they heard was said to not be so good. Angela Hernandez has heard of the terrible events that have happened so far like police brutality and COVID-19.

Angela Hernandez wishes to go outside and play but it will not be safe since now Julia Hernandez and Angela Hernandez have to stay indoors to be safe from the virus. Angela Hernandez makes an interesting point when she says that being in school in person is much better than being distant.

This year has not always been bad for Julia Hernandez and Angela Hernandez recently they both got a calico cat which made their spirits bright and were able to get their minds in a positive mindset.



Julia Hernandez: Tell me about your opinions about 2020 so far.
Angela Hernandez: My opinion is that 2020 hasn’t been the best year so far. 
 JH: Mkay umm why?
 AH: It hasn’t been the best year because a lot of bad things are happening like police brutally.
 JH: Mhm.
 AH: Uh something else that has been happening is COVID-19 we haven’t been able to go outside and do most-.. a lot of things in our life.
 JH: How has COVID-19 affected you so far?
 AH: Um it’s affected me because I would like to go outside and play around.
 JH: Mhm-.
 AH: Pero I can’t do this.
 JH: Um how has it affected you in school?
 AH: We have to do online classes now um I would prefer in person because in online classes you don’t know there’s some technical difficulties.
 JH: Wait- am sorry you would rather be in school in person than in distance learning?
 AH: If it was safe, I would want to be in person.
 JH: Any reasons or-
 AH: Because…. I believe that being in person is more likely for us to learn cause we’re actually present and the teachers know we’re present.
JH: Yeah, that’s an interesting point. What is something good that happened this year since you listed bad things? [small laugh]
 AH: Something good that happened is uhh……OH we got a calico cat around I think May. 
 JH: Describe our cat.
 AH: Well her name is Bella she is cute and nice and sometimes can be really funny.
 JH: Oh yeah! [laugh] I remember that time when she like did a flip trying to grab the toy.
AH: Yeah [laugh] I remember when our dad asked us if we wanted a cat and we were like yeah sure why not but we were not expecting for him to bring it the next day [Laughs] we were like WHAT it was crazy [small laugh].
JH: Yeah, I was not expecting that [Laugh].
 AH: Yeah, but I was still really happy since this is kinda our first pet we actually needed to take care of.
 JH: Umm how would you like to be remembered?
 AH: Uhh I would like to be remembered as a loyal person.
 JH: Why?
 AH: Because I think that am a loyal person and I want people to know that I was a good person.
[Helicopter passes by]
JH: Wow.
 AH: [laugh]
 JH: [laugh] Do you remember about our after school program back in elementary?
 AH: Yeah I ditched my own class to be in yours but it was okay since they didn’t get mad at me for some reason.
 JH: Why didn’t they get mad at you?
 AH: I really don’t know. 
 [long pause]
 JH: Anyways I noticed after I started getting into art more on drawing you began to draw too.
 AH: Yeah It just looked really cool and I wanted to do that so…. Yeah.
 JH: Do you think your art is improving?
 AH: Yeah I do because now since I seen you do sketches I thought that I should do that too to do better on my drawings.
 [long pause]
 JH: Uhh I seen you have been focusing on coloring too-.
 AH: Oh yeah.
 JH: Am not.
 AH: [laugh]
 JH: [Laugh] I am too lazy to color everything I think that coloring it might look pretty but it’s a lot of work.
 AH: Yeah I guess.
 JH: I’ll try to do it in the future but not right now am too busy.
 AH: [laugh]
 JH: Whenever I start coloring I want it to look cool like how they look in anime.
 AH: Oh yeah that will look really cool.
 JH: Yeah but it is going to take a while before I can make my coloring look like that.
 AH: You just have to keep trying.
 JH: Yeah..
 AH: Mhm.
 JH: Anyways is there anything you would like to say right now?
 AH: Uhhh………I don’t really have anything else to say right now.
 JH: Okay then thank you for being here and having this conversation.
 AH: Mhm.