By:Unknown Photographer

This is a image of when Goku uses his new form to fight in the Tournament of Power. It also shows Kefla use all her power to try to stop Goku from getting too close.

This anime is known as Shōnen anime because the main character is male and it has a lot of action. The anime is called “Dragon Ball Super” and should be on your watch list if you want to enter the world of anime. It’s months after the end of Dragon Ball Z when Goku and Vegeta defeated Buu. There are different arcs like Battle of Gods, Resurrection of F, Trunk’s Future, the tournament of power, and all the filler in between. Each of these arcs made the main characters become stronger.

In my opinion, it’s a very spectacular anime for people starting to watch anime for the first time. The animation is very smooth and it becomes more stunning during the main battles, like when the producers took a week off to animate the battle of Goku vs Kefla. It’s also enjoyable because of the plot being more simpler than some other animes like the Attack on Titans. One of the greatest moments was when Goku went into a new form during the tournament of power arc. There are also many other battles during the different arcs like in the Resurrection of F when Goku and Vegeta fight Frieza or in the Trunk’s Future arc Goku and Vegeta fight against Goku black which is a person that took Goku’s body away from him or when the Battle of Gods arc Goku in god form fights Beerus a god of destruction. It is also a likable anime because it has 131 episodes which would mean that it will take you a month or two so then you could be distracted with the anime and not need to just be stuck in a quarantine doing nothing.

Compared to the anime called Attack on Titans the plot is much easier to understand because Attack on Titans’ plot is probably one of the most complex plots I have seen in anime. You’ll understand the plot of all the arcs of Dragon Ball Super even if you have it as background sound.

In conclusion, people who are watching their first anime should watch this anime.