Working hard to keep us healthy

“Cells at work!” is a funny and binge worthy anime.

Working hard to keep us healthy

Cells at Work is a comedy anime revolving around a red blood cell who lives in the human body and who always runs into the same white blood cell while doing her tasks. The red blood cell and white blood cells are the protagonists of cells at work. The white blood cells’ job is to kill invasive viruses it sees and protect the other cells.  Meanwhile the red blood cell’s job is to deliver oxygen, food, and to help fix wounds in the body.  There are many different types of cells including red blood cells, white blood cells, killer T cells, platelets, helper cells, etc. All the cells keep the body safe by fighting off invasive viruses, giving the body supplements, repairing it by using hard work and sending out correct body reactions to avoid being unhealthy. 

This show is surprisingly educational as it teaches you about the jobs of cells in an entertaining way. It’s a short series with 13 episodes and only one season so far, with season two coming in 2021. I really enjoyed this anime since I enjoyed the protagonist of the story. The red blood cell was funny and clumsy which made her relatable and fun to watch. She always ran into trouble while delivering and trying to do her job as a red blood cell. I also enjoyed the relationship between the red blood cell and white blood cell since they always help each other, hinting somewhat of a relationship. All the characters were entertaining as they all had specific tasks and different personalities.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes anime and anyone who would want to learn a bit in an entertaining way. This is a really fun show overall with many aspects and a good plot, so I think anyone would be able to enjoy it. The characters are often covered in blood so I would not recommend it if you are triggered by blood or if you don’t like action or comedy shows. 

 There is also a spin-off version called “ Cells at Work: Code Black” which is relatively similar, but has many plot twists. Overall this is a really fun show that I would absolutely binge all night and I would also try to watch the spin-off. I would give this show a 4.4/5 since it’s really enjoyable and has good characters that I really enjoyed watching.