The musician’s love story

A wonderful, sad, and happy anime story


Your Lie in April is about a boy named Kosei Arima who plays the piano but stopped after some problems happened in the past. Because of this, whenever he does play the piano he is not able to hear the music, which makes him scared. During school he was passing by a small park with a girl standing up playing an instrument with children by her side. That’s where he met Kaori Miyazono, who plays the violin and will play an important role in his life along with his other good friends Tsubaki Sawabe, who’s known Kosei since they were children, and Ryota Watari, who is a lady’s man.

In my opinion Your Lie in April is a pretty awesome and an enjoyable anime. I think this because the soundtrack of the show is very beautiful and the opening and ending music is music you can jam to (even if you don’t know what it’s saying)

This show not only gives character development for the main character but also gives lots of information about the other characters so we can have a better understanding of them. The art style of this show is very pretty and colorful. Also when the characters play the instruments, the animation is outstanding since it looks like how real people move, so credit goes to the animators who worked on it. I did not know how the story would play out. I was always really excited about what will happen next and when I finished the show let’s just say there was a lot of ugly crying.

This show also has really amazing quotes and meaning to it: For example, when Kaori said to Kosei “Maybe there’s only a dark road up ahead. But you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path, even a little bit.” This can be really helpful for people who don’t have confidence or will easily give up. Kaori also said, “Sometimes laughter is not always the best medicine it can also be the best disguise” Which is pretty deep if you

think about it. Lastly “We’re all afraid, you know…to get up on stage. Maybe you’ll mess up. Maybe they’ll totally reject you. Even so, you grit your teeth and get up on that stage anyway.” As you can see Your Lie in April is very inspirational which is one of my reasons why it’s such a good show. This show brought lots of emotion to me whether being sad or happy. I loved hearing the music when Kosei and Kaori played together with their violin and piano duet. Sometimes I would go and replay that part just to hear the music again.

I recommend this to people who love art (animation/music) and for the people who love drama, romance, and sad stories this should go on your watch list. If you’re not into these things then this is probably not the show for you.