The effects that Covid-19 has caused on the United States



Covid-19 has really made a huge impact on the world. Especially on students that had school, businesses that still needed to run, and the election of 2020 for the next U.S president. 


Effects on Students:

Students for example, are less motivated to do work because of not being able to actually be at school. According to Pubmed Central,  100% of universities were affected by Covid-19 which means that they needed to change the way teachers need to teach, like doing online lessons. In addition, according to Pubmed Central, in the United states alone when there’s exams around 10.4% of students didn’t even take it. This shows that students are becoming less motivated because of not being able to go to an actual school. So for instance if students were at school, they would be doing much better because they would feel more motivated to do work because they would actually interact with other people, face to face, not through computers. Thus, this means students that are going to online school have been doing much worse. Like for example, some students don’t even do exams which leads to them failing.  Then if they were going to school because of students going to online classes not having any motivation and that would mean that Covid-19 has created a big impact on students. 


Effects on businesses:

However it’s not only students that are being affected by Covid-19. For example, according to ePrints, many businesses like JC Penney and Sears are under financial pressure because even before Covid-19 they were struggling and so now because of Covid-19 they are most likely going to file for bankruptcy. The same goes for airlines because according to eprints, they needed to cut around 90% of their workforce because of airlines not making enough profit to pay them. Also around 80% hotels are empty because of people not being able to go have a vacation. which is a very critical effect that Covid-19 has caused. However not all is bad on the businesses side of the U.S because according to ePrints, stores that are online are getting even more customers because of people not being able to go to physical stores. Not just online stores too but also fast food restaurants that can be ordered through Uber Eats, Doordash, etc.


Effects on the 2020 election:

It’s not only students and businesses that have been affected by Covid-19. The 2020 U.S election has also been affected because in this year many more people were voting by mail. This also meant that it took longer to count all of the ballots because of the ballots by mail taking a day or two to arrive at a center where they count the votes. Next, after they counted all the ballots and it showed that former vice president Joe Biden was going to become the next president, President Trump thought that the ballots by mail were fraud and that there should be a recount. Even though there was no real evidence of fraud Trump kept saying that the votes shouldn’t be counted and that there should be a recount of all the votes because of Trump’s supporters not being able to enter the places where the votes were being counted. So this all means that the U.S 2020 election was really affected by Covid-19 because of people voting through mail and not in person. 


In conclusion: 

So this all means that Covid-19 has made a major impact on the U.S, though there, there were also some benefits. like from online places getting many more customers.  However, there are many more negative effects than positive effects.