Adapting to coronavirus

Coronavirus disease

Coronavirus disease

Coronavirus has been around for almost a year and cases are still rising by a lot, which is making officials close down business and limiting the people that go outside. According to businesses were reopening but they were limiting people that would go inside. However with many people going outside cases started to rise up again which made business close down. Now people will have to stay indoors.

The United States reported it’s 11 millionth case which by now has probably increased by more. That means that every day there are 150,000 new cases or more. They think that soon it will increase to 250,000 cases a day. However the Trump administration and governors aren’t doing very much to stop the spread. California governor Gavin Newson says that they will wait to reopen businesses in the most populous area in order to stop the coronavirus. Business won’t be opening any time soon.

Coronavirus cases are rising (

Before we were able to go out without a mask and we would be able to eat inside restaurants. However now we can’t do that anymore due to COVID-19. As more people started going outside the cases started to increase.

People have been trying to look for vaccines in order to decrease coronavirus or to at least prevent the virus. According to Moderna is saying that its coronavirus vaccine is now more effective and it’s similar to Pfizer, which was the second vaccine. They both have high rates of being effective. This vaccine can help us so we don’t get the virus but people are scared of taking it. fearing they might get covid instead of preventing it.

However this doesn’t mean we don’t have to wear masks anymore we still have to be cautious about it. So remember that every time you go outside to put your mask on.

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