Covid-19 has affected all of us


Covid-19 in the united states

Covid-19, it’s something we all know, something that has affected all of us as a whole.  According to the CDC, the first case of Covid in the United states was confirmed on February 26-28, 2020. Since then there have been 230,953 new cases with a total of 16,987,911 cases as of Friday, December 18, 2020, including 3,444 new deaths with a grand total of 309,880 deaths in the United states. 

Covid has many effects on everyone, not just those that have it. According to Edutopia’s article titled “Covid-19’s Impact on Students’ Academic and Mental Well-Being” written by Youki Trada, “A new study suggests that the coronavirus will undo months of academic gains, leaving many students behind.” Basically, she is saying that the pandemic will make it harder for students to take in and keep information, which can lead many students to fall behind especially with everything that is going on around the students.

The article also suggests that “The Covid-19 pandemic may worsen existing mental health problems and lead to more cases among children and adolescents because of the unique combination of the public health crisis, social isolation, and economic recession,” write the authors of that study.” According to the article and the study, things might be a slippery slope or be a lot harder for those with existing mental health problems. This isn’t just students, also people who have to work from home this pandemic will affect everyone even those lucky enough to not get it. 

There are many negative effects of the pandemic, but there are thing that we can do so life can be a little more normal. For example, The New York Times article written by Denise Grady titled “Early Data Show Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Is 94.5% Effective” explains that “The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines far exceeded the Food and Drug Administration’s requirement that coronavirus vaccines be at least 50 percent effective to receive approval.” These vaccines are far more effective then required, which is a plus.

The article also explains who these vaccines will be distributed and that “the two companies could produce enough vaccine for a little more than 20 million people in the United States by sometime in December, with the first doses going to people with the highest risk, like health care workers, emergency medical workers and frail residents of nursing homes.”  According to the article, though, it also said that we are a few months away from the public getting a vaccine.