Books or movies?


Books or movies? It’s a question you might ask yourself at some point. They are both good and have the same goal which is to share with the reader or viewer a story. They both aim to satisfy their audience. However, there are people who have opinions about books and movies. Some may like movies while others prefer the books.


People who would prefer books over movies would do so because of their imagination. People who like to read are most likely imagining what is going on based on the details they are given in the books. Books are very detailed which helps the reader know what to think of when they read the books descriptions. Since books are very detailed, not every scene makes it into the movies. So the reader would prefer the books because of that reason. They also miss many characters which a reader would of liked to see them included in the movie, but they don’t always make it so they stick to the books that do include every character and description of them. According to a article titled “WHY ARE BOOKS BETTER THAN MOVIES?” by Daniel Baker, he states, “Often Tolkien will give great detail as to what each character is thinking, doing and saying.” This is another reason why people would choose books rather than movies. You get to read the characters’ thoughts and it helps better understand the characters. In addition, you also get to read at your own pace and you don’t have to rush.


On the other hand, we have people who like to watch the movies better than the books and they might have good reasons for it too. Movies help their viewers visualize what the story is meant to show. Movies are for those who have a hard time sitting still and would get distracted easily when reading. A movie usually catches your attention because of its images and you find it less boring. Many would prefer movies over books because they have a hard time understanding what they read so watching the movies would make it easier. The movies also contain music which attracts audiences. In the article titled “Books vs. Movies: The Age-Old Debate” By libmedia, it says, “An added benefit of movies is the music and visual designs that enhance the experience of watching a film.” The movies having music in scenes makes those scenes a lot more memorable and enjoyable for the audience. People choose what they like based on what they enjoy.


Some examples of a movie and a book would be the Harry Potter series and The Outsiders. In the Harry Potter series, the books give a lot more details. There are many characters in the Harry Potter series that didn’t make it to the movies which was kind of disappointing, but the movies were still great in my opinion. The books also gives the reader information about what Harry Potter is thinking which helps readers understand him better.


In the movies however characters were missing and not all scenes were included. Although the movies weren’t exactly like the books, they tried and they didn’t come out bad. They both told the story except one had less details than the other. The movie also had theme songs which made the movies better and there was a lot of action too. The movies help visualize what the castle would have looked like and many other things. It’s amazing how they find cast to fit the books descriptions.


In the book The Outsiders, almost all scenes were included and the cast matched the book descriptions. They were both great, but then again the book had more details and Ponyboy helps the reader by describing each character and how they are. In the movies however, Ponyboy doesn’t and the audience has to figure out how each character is based on what they see. The movie did have good music to match with the scenes and it helped me visualize the places that the events were taking place.


In conclusion, as you can see it’s not about the movie or book, it’s about the person. If you are a person that likes to read and visualize, then you are more likely to choose books. If you can’t sit still and read a book without getting distracted then you are most likely going to choose the movies.Either way, I think both are great as they both have the same goal which is to show the audience a story. It is fine to like both movies and books or if you choose a side, it does not matter. What matters is that you enjoy the story it is trying to tell.