LA County vaccine Q&A

What is going on with the COVID-19 vaccine in L.A? Does it work? Who can take it?


What is going on with Covid-19 vaccines in LA?

What is happening with them is simple. Right now, they are giving it out to anyone over the age of 16.  

Do the Covid-19 vaccines work?

Yes they are effective and safe. Serious side effects are also unlikely. The evidence is that millions of people have had the vaccine and few side effects have been detected. The vaccine also helps us and our families from from spreading or catching the virus.

Who can get the vaccine?

Everyone over the age 16 can get the vaccine

How do I get the Covid-19 vaccine?

You can get the vaccine by setting up an appointment online.  You can start by clicking here.

Has anyone gotten Covid-19 after being vaccinated?

Very few people have gotten coronavirus after getting the vaccine. Its extremely rare to get it after being vaccinated.

Are there side effects with the Covid-19 vaccine?

Some side effects of the vaccine are a fever, chills, headaches, and more. But these side effects are minor compared to what could possibly happen if you catch covid. The vaccine will help prevent you from getting infected.

In conclusion, the Covid-19 vaccine is safe.  While it may have some side effects, it helps prevent us from being infected with the Coronavirus.