The Arrangement: The most intriguing book that you can stumble upon!



What the book looks like! :)

In the book ‘’The Arrangement’’ By Kiersten Modglin, there’s a married couple having marriage problems. Although they have kids, they decide Peter (the husband) and Ainsley (the wife) agree to go on a dating app; they’ll go on a date then sleep with the people they met there. The rules were simple; They will date someone new each week and they will never discuss what happens on the dates. They think by sleeping with the people they meet on the app, they’ll love each other the same way they did before.


They use fake names to prevent anyone they know asking why they’re on a dating app. Ainsley will go on dates on Tuesday and Peter on Thursdays. Everything is going as planned until it isn’t. I’ve never read any kind of book like this but after reading ‘’The Arrangement’’ I’ll definitely read more books like it again because I loved it. My overall opinion of this book is that it’s such a good book to read if you like the genres of Thriller and Psychological Fiction. You’ll also be shocked by what comes next. In most books we can already tell what’s going to happen next, but not in this book.


Not going to lie, this book will be boring at the beginning but I promise you, it will get so much better and you’ll be so glad you kept reading. The biggest plot twist is at the very end so be prepared. I honestly haven’t read a book since December 2019. This was the first book I read since then and it got me back into reading again.


I’ve read about similar topics but this book was the only one that really had me intrigued. For example, I had also tried reading a book called ‘’The Roommate’’ which is also about a couple having marriage problems. In that book, the husband moves in with an old friend and I got around 119 pages in and nothing exciting happened besides the fact the old friend was ‘’giving weird vibes’’ every now and then; so I decided to read “The Arrangement’’ and it was way more interesting and surprising. (Warning: “The Arrangement” does talk about rape, it doesn’t go into full detail but it is mentioned.) 

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