“The Diary Of Wimpy Kid” series


The Diary of Wimpy Kid series is my favorite series of them all. It is very fun and entertaining to read. I also love the small jokes in the series. I would recommend this series to anyone even though it might be more appealing to middle schoolers and younger. 

This series is about a boy named Gregory Heffley, who’s somewhat of a nerd and isn’t really popular. He also has two brothers, a younger, Manny, and an older one, Rodrick. The younger one he always complains is annoying and his older brother always picks on him and is also in a band called Loded Diper. He also has his best friend, Rowley Jefferson. They have been best friends since they were little. Greg and Rowley are always hanging out or doing random things. All of their little adventures are always so they could work up to or get something they want. They are so unexpected, which is also fun for the reader because of how every other page is something else and kind of a fun mystery. 

This series is a great mix of pictures, which are well enough drawn to have the idea of his “journal,” and the actual reading with the pictures help you visualize the setting and which brings the whole setting of that place alive.

It also has a good amount of comedy for the kids to enjoy and be entertained while they read. Also all the covers are colorful and bright, appealing, and are attention grabbers for younger audiences. And when you go and open the book it is fun to see all the little pictures which would make you want to read it even more. 

I liked how all the books in the series were showing us different seasons and holidays which was nice, how you could go through a whole year with them much faster. All of the seasons and holidays line up if you read them in order, which is fun because it is easier than going back and forth with all the books which would create a big mess.

They also have a movie where they show a place for something in almost every book. It’s a funny movie that I would also recommend. In conclusion, I would recommend this book series to everyone.