Strange Children

The trials of being different


Ms. Peregrine: Home for Peculiar Children, the Graphic Novel 2 is a book about children with strange powers. I would recommend this book to people who like mystery and gore to read.  In the original story the main protagonist Jacob met the Peculiars (the children with powers) by following Emma (a Peculiar) into a strange building. In the very beginning his grandfather told him he was one of them, a peculiar. He didn’t believe it though. In the second book the story continues when they capture their teacher back from the Hollowgasts and their mastermind. 


This is why I think that you should read the first book: The story is so interesting and beautiful but if you didn’t read the first book then you’re missing a lot of details. I read this story again and again just because of how interesting it was for me. The characters are relatable with real problems and aren’t all happy without knowing what is happening around them. If you like stories with a lot of suspense and people getting chased, then this is the story for you. WARNING: this story might make you shed some tears too.


I give this story a ten out of ten because it has a good and very entertaining plot. I think this because it balances the introducing new characters while moving them from one place to another for a reason. It also progresses in how the powers of the children can be used and how they want to fight back against the people who are trying to kill them. 


This book is unique because it shows how children can adapt to situations such as this one.  In this book, the minute you’re caught off guard it’s the end of the road for you. Just like when the Peculiars reach the shelter and find Miss Peregrine in a falcon form, but when they change her back, they are caught in a deadly surprise…