In “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway” a teenager wants to have a regular Christmas but ends up going to vacation island… where it only gets worse


The Getaway is a good book in my opinion because it talks about the life of a middle schooler and what he is experiencing and what he is going through. It started with Greg’s family getting ready for Christmas by putting up decorations but being stressed that everything isn’t going as planned.  Then, Greg’s mom and dad started to argue and then an advertisement came on the TV.  It was for a vacation place that his parents went to when they were younger. 


My reason for my opinion for this book is I love the characters because to me they feel like an actual family. There’s the youngest, the one that always gets protected whenever he does something bad.  Then we have the oldest, the one that kind of does his own thing and bothers the middle child. Then there’s the middle child, the one we focus on the most, who plays video games and is addicted to them and doesn’t really want do anything but play, which is relatable because all the time we just want to just play.


Another reason for my opinion for this book is that the author’s style of writing makes it easy to understand and read. He puts pictures for you to see what you are reading and he makes the words big to be able to see better and he also puts dialogue when a person from the story is talking. The people who might like these types of books are people who don’t want to read a hard book that will take them two weeks to finish.


Is the book worth it? Yes, because the book keeps you interested by the crazy things that always happen to this family, the plot keeps going, the stories keep moving on.