Holes shows people how life can be grim at first glance, but the more you progress in life following your gut, the better the outcome is


Two kids looking down in a hole with a lizard crawling out of it.

I believe that the book Holes is a great read and I would recommend  for people to try this book out. It has a really interesting plot and many interesting characters that helps out with the protagonist’s character development.

The story is about this kid named Stanley, who got caught with stealing a pair of shoes which were used to be auctioned and have the money given to the homeless shelter. Stanley’s family has been cursed with bad luck after Stanley’s great-great-grandfather had a curse placed on his descendants from a woman named Madame Zeroni. Later on, Stanley broke the curse at this place called Camp Green Lake, a dry wasteland with no signs of life, and without even knowing his luck has changed continued on his journey with his friend, named Hector Zeroni. At first sight, people might think the book doesn’t look interesting, but if you give the book a chance, you’ll probably like the plot and how the story plays out.

Some things I like about this book are about the character development. In the story, Stanley was this overweight kid in his school and would get bullied for his size by this kid named Derrick Dune, who is a lot smaller than Stanley, making it seem unbelievable that this could happen since Stanley is so much taller than Derrick. But during his time at Camp Green Lake, he has learned to be more confident about himself and to not be afraid to take risks. He also has lost a lot of body weight during his time digging holes in the hard conditions they put the kids in.

They would make them wake up around four in the morning so they wouldn’t be digging in the hottest part of the day. Then, they would go out into the wasteland to be given a spot where they should be digging at. Then they would have to dig a hole that’s five feet wide and deep with the ground being all compacted together, making this harder for them to stick their shovel in the ground to dig up the dirt.They also don’t give them enough water while being out during the day, making the kids thirsty most of the time while digging their holes. Stanley also toughened up because of how he gets treated by the counselor and kids in his group. All of these conditions made Stanley a stronger and more confident person. He shows this when  he decides to take the truck from one of the counselors filled with a tank full of water to bring to his friend. 

This book has exceeded my expectation and would be a very interesting read to those who like adventure fiction. You should definitely give this book a chance.