“Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief” would be the perfect book for someone who enjoys adventure books


John Rocco

Cover art of “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief”

The Lightning Thief is a very interesting book with the element of adventure. There is also a lot of mystery and suspense in the book. An example of this is when the book tells a prophecy of Percy Jackson that goes “You shall go west to face the god who has turned, You shall find what was stolen and see it safely returned, You shall be betrayed by the one you call friend, And fail to save what matters most in the end.” This plays a major part in the story because it foretells everything that happens, even the twist near the end.

The book starts off when the protagonist Percy Jackson is in his boarding school. He starts to see strange things occur around his school and discovers that he is actually a demigod. He goes to a summer camp for demigods such as him and is trained for future adventures. But his presence alerts the gods because he was framed for stealing something that he actually didn’t. He is sent on a quest to retrieve it and unravels the mystery of his prophecy along the way.

The story has a lot of interesting plot twists that keep the reader interested. The story is never dry and moves along at a good pace. The characters have unique and interesting personalities and their dialogue is very natural, to the point where you can differentiate their speech patterns. The settings are always described in great detail to where you can visualize where they are. It’s very easy to get lost in the book with every page being full of interesting stories.

I think people who like adventure would really like this book. It’s story is almost a dream to readers looking for an adventure in their novels. You would also really like this book if you are into Greek mythology because it has lots to do with the Greek gods. This would probably also be a book for someone not wanting to read a long book since it only takes about a week to finish.

Overall this is a very good book and I recommend it to all readers. It met all the criteria for a good book and even exceeded it in some parts. Reading this book was a lot more fun than other books. It placed me in my own fantasy world and was just the most entertaining book I’ve read in a while. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5 because while it had lots of positives to talk about, it also had some negatives which were not very major but still there.