Captain Underpants will make you laugh to death


Captain Underpants is a story about two kids, George and Harold.  They do a lot of pranks on their teachers which get them in a lot of trouble, so the principal tries his best to expel them. They try to hypnotize him and it works. Now they control him and make him believe that he is a superhero. I recommend this book because it is for all ages and a very funny book. For people who like this kind of books, I recommend Diary of a Wimpy Kid. As for some books made by the author Dav Pilkey, I would  also recommend Dog Man


Both Dog Man and Captain Underpants have the same art style and both are kind of familiar. Actually Dog Man is made by George and Harold, the main characters in Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants is a good book because it is very funny and has good characters who relate to most readers who mostly do not enjoy school. The story is very captivating because there’s always something going on. The characters are the main reason why this book is good. Another reason why this book in my opinion is good is because of the villains and how good they are. I think they add more laughter and are very entertaining. The book is short simple and has a doodle-like art style to appeal to a younger audience.


The main audience for this book is elementary and middle school students. The books are short and have pictures. This book is worth reading because it is entertaining and has great characters with funny villains and a very well thought-out plot.