“Drowning is Inevitable” has love, death, loyalty, and drama


This is the cover of “Drowning Is Inevitable.”

Drowning is Inevitable is a great book with love, death, loyalty, friendship and drama. The book was written by Shalanda Stanley. The book starts off with a classic best friend and something bad that happened to the main character. In this case it was the death of her mother. Olivia is a girl who tries to live a life like her mother. Jamie, her best friend, knows about this. Olivia has a hot boyfriend named Max and they get into arguments. Her friend Jamie is always there to back her up and even confessed to loving her in the 10th grade. Maggie is also Olivia’s best friend and she is the kind of friend who will always be there for Olivia no matter the situation. 

Though these characters seem nice, they all have their own problems. Olivia’s mom committed suicide when she was a young age. Jamie’s dad is an alcoholic and is abusive to his mother though he has never touched Jamie. Maggie has mommy problems and Max I would say is the most normal. Max has a future set up for him as his father is a lawyer and Maggie is an artist like her father.  

Some of them were all set for their future but then something happened, an event that changed their lives. Olivia had decided to go over to Jamie’s house to cook, but it turned bad. They were having fun by dancing and cooking but then someone came home from work. Jamie’s dad was supposed to be working but he was released because he had come to work drunk. Soon everything goes wrong. They were caught in the act so they turned off the music and continued cooking but Jamie’s father told them to continue the music. He then grabbed his wife and forced her to dance. It was obvious this aggravated Jamie. The father then did the same Olivia and Jamie snapped. They argued and then it turned physical. Jamie accidentally stabbed his father. They get some clothes called Max and leave. They didn’t tell Max or Maggie what had happened but they could see the blood on Jamie’s shirt. They flee and ride for a very long time until they reach a safe point. All Olivia thinks about now is saving her friend. Can she do it or will it turn into another disaster?

 This book is great because it does have characterization. A book that has setting, plot, and a good ending. It was a wild ride to read and one of the craziest books to read. The characters are well written and what is happening in the book is written well so you can act like you’re in the book. It has a good conflict and the ending is good too but it is a little sad.