The importance of Covid-19 vaccines!


Have you ever wondered if Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective? Covid-19 vaccines are safe. There are multiple vaccines that have different ingredients, but they all still do the same thing, which is to teach your immune system how to fight the virus. 

Covid-19 vaccines come with age requirements. People five and older are able to get the Pfizer vaccine and adults older than 18 are able to get the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This is also the same with booster shots. It is recommended for people aged 18 or older to get the booster shots, at least six months after receiving Pfizer or Moderna or two months after getting the Janssen vaccine. Teens aged 16-17 are only allowed to get the Pfizer booster shot depending on their health. If you could get it, you should take advantage of the opportunity. 

Vaccine side effects are important to talk about. Not everyone gets these side effects but if you do they will probably last for one to two days. These effects include tiredness, headaches, fever, and muscle pain. On the arm you got the vaccine there is a possible chance it gets pain, redness, or swelling. It all just depends on how your body reacts to getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

With the Covid-19 vaccines being a very popular topic, there comes myths (false things) that people spread around. Lately there have been rumors that many people believe that the vaccines are being used to get tracked by the government, that it makes you magnetic, and that it changes your DNA. Vaccines are created to teach your immune system how to fight a virus and not to track you. They have many different ingredients but are free of all metals. Lastly, vaccines interact with our cells but don’t get close to the nucleus cell which is where our DNA is at. 

Getting the Covid-19 vaccine does not mean you can’t get Covid anymore. You can still get the virus but are much less likely to get severely sick. Yes, you will probably still feel sick but are in less danger of ending up in a hospital bed.