What makes video games appealing?

Someone playing video games.

Someone playing video games.

Do you play video games? If you do, do you ever wonder why you play video games?

Eighth grader Bryan Castro said, “I play video games because it is fun, I can play with friends, and I can use it to calm myself down.”

What he said can apply for most people who play video games. This article will explain some of the psychological reasons why we play video games. 

In the article titled, “Why video games are fun” by Eurogamer, it states, “More generally, we love video games because they’re the best way to try out characteristics we’d like to have, or they allow us to “try on different hats,” a study by Essex University has found.” This means that we play video games to be someone else we want to be. 

In the article titled, “Computer and Video Games” by BBC Bitesize, it states, “Games offer audience interactivity which other media texts cannot provide. This is more immersive and intense than the interactivity offered by websites.” This means that video games give off experiences that we can not get anywhere else and that is what makes video games so fun. 

According to the article titled “What Makes Video Games Fun” by Game Design Lounge, it states, “When life feels draining, playing games can be a therapeutic experience for people. I’ve had friends tell me that after a long day at work, coming home and playing a game for an hour plays a big role in helping them relax and unwind. Video games can feel fun because they’re great at shifting your attention away from complicated real-world issues to the clearly defined goals and objectives that you can focus on in a game.” This means that some people play video games as an escape from reality and to take their mind off of their problems in real life. 

To sum up everything that has been stated, most people play video games to be someone else, get experiences they can’t get anywhere else, and to have an escape from reality. But most of all, people play video games so they can have fun.