Transitioning back to a “normal life”


Lindsey Garcia

Knott’s Berry Farm with the SRLA team as celebration for running and completing the LA Marathon.

Weeks after the pandemic started there were restrictions set in place for the public, meaning a lot of things started closing down instantly including stores, theme parks, restaurants, public places, etc. This also meant we needed to wear masks if we did go out, stay six feet apart from each other, stay inside, and sanitize our hands often. Borders also closed along the way.  The world basically shut down and the public was forced to stay inside where we were isolated from others for our own safety.

Well after a year of isolation, things are starting, or trying, to go back to normal. This includes schools, businesses, and restaurants opening up again to the public and there being less restrictions on what we can and can’t do. Now we can go out more, see our friends and family, and even travel. We no longer need to stay isolated and away from others but we do still need to take precaution for the safety of us and others. This is what my transition looks like.