Going out more than before

Before quarantine I wasn’t a “going out” person. It never had really interested me and I never had the energy. Once I found out we had to go into quarantine, I was a little worried about not going out as much and not having those opportunities. After a few months, the state of California had less cases of Covid-19 and we all went back to school. After a while I had reconnected with friends and made more plans to go out, as well as going out with family and in general. This made me realize going out was much more fun than I thought. I’m really glad I made more memories with my friends and in general.


A picture taken at the Studio Ghibli Museum in Athe cademy Museum of Motion Pictures. I loved this part of the Museum. (Aro)
Building in downtown near the Disney Concert Hall. I had gone to eat with my sister and other friends. (Aro)
Las Vegas “sky” inside the Grande Canal Shoppe in Vegas. I took this photo when I went to Vegas with my family for a vacation. (Aro)
At the Studio Ghibli Museum in Downtown. I went to view a lot of artwork from Studio Ghibli with my cousin. (Aro)
Odd stairs I like. I took this picture when I went out with my friend Alex to an abandoned zoo. (Aro)
Photo at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Downtown. I liked this experience and liked a lot of photos there. (Aro)
Ari gives me key chains as a gift from Little Tokyo. (Aro)