BLACKPINK doing photos for their latest album.

BLACKPINK is a three generation k-pop group produced by the company of YG Entertainment. They have four members in the group: Jennie as a rapper, Lisa as the other rapper, Rosé as the dancer, and Jisoo as the vocalist. They first debuted in 2016.

Their debut song was called “Whistle.” Before they even planned on letting the song come out,  the company thought that it would not be good enough, but it turned out to be a wonderful song that made them become noticed. 

Fans from YG Entertainment were not happy with the fact that BLACKPINK was debuting. When they first debuted, the fans gave hate to the group. Before they debuted there was this group called “2NE1.” They were going to come out with a new album but they were forced to disband in 2015, when BLACKPINK was going to debut.

According to “Why did girl group 2NE1 disband at their peak?” it says that a reporter said that after a member left the group , the company decided to focus more on BLACKPINK. After YG Entertainment made that announcement, BLACKPINK debuted earlier than expected and they started to get hate at the start. 

Even if they got hate, they still stayed strong. According to Blackpink – Biography – IMDb it says that 13 days after their debut they won their first award in SBS Inkigayo, for the shortest time for a girl group to become popular. 

After the debut song blew up, it became famous in some parts of the world. For example, on November 26, 2016 they became the first k-pop girl to be in the Top 100 on the Canadian chart with the song “Playing With Fire.” Then on June 30, 2018 they were again on the top 100 Billboard charts with the song “DDU-DU -DDU-DU.” They became the first k-pop girl group to perform at Coachella, in 2019. 

According to “A Timeline of BLACKPINK’s History-Making Accomplishments” BLACKPINK has made a lot of accomplishments. They have been the most successful girl group of k-pop since their debut. 

Each member of the group besides Jisoo have made their own music by themselves. Jennie created her song/music video called “SOLO” in 2018. Rosé created her two songs/music videos called “On The Ground” and “Gone.” Lisa created her two song/music videos called “Lalisa” and “Money.” Jisso hasn’t made any solo songs yet but Rolling Stone states that “Jisoo is the only member of BLACKPINK who hasn’t released solo music, though there’s buzz she might sometime this year.”

BLACKPINK is a wonderful, strong girl group. They came from at first being hated but now they are a wonderful group.