”I was getting very tired so like yea I did think about quitting sometimes but I never officially did.”


Aimee's mom

This is Aimee Vargas in fifth grade for Halloween.

Aimee Vargas is an Animo Jefferson Charter Middle school student in eighth grade that is in Student Leadership that talks a little bit about why she joined Student Leadership and she also talks about SRLA and her likes and dislikes about it and also how it’s hard and challenging but also easy to her. 

She also talks about things she likes to do when she’s not doing anything school related like going out to places with friends and things she enjoys doing like watching movies and her most favorite murder documentaries. 

She also doesn’t want no one to be scared of her by the fact that she enjoys watching murder documentaries.



Allison Ortiz: My name is Allison Ortiz and today’s date is October 18, 2022 and I’m here with.

Aimee Vargas: Aimee Vargas.

AO: Um…tell me a little bit about yourself.

AV: Uh…I’m 13…. um…. My birthday is August 10th… um…09, I’m in Student Leadership and SRLA.

AO: Can you tell me a little bit about Student Leadership?

AV: Oh…Um.. I joined because I wanted to like bring new ideas to the Student Council and like be creative by like you know doing the posters and stuff like that!

AO: Can you now tell me a little bit about SRLA?

AV: Um….SRLA I joined it because my brother used to run it and I always looked that I wanted to run it too so i joined and…um…like also my friends told me to joined it so like I thought it would be fun if I joined it with them so yea.

AO: What are some struggles about SRLA?

AV: Um…some struggles is like going a new mile and also like when your running up a mile you’re asking yourself when is it going to end or something like that and like when you have to come back and like… um…yea like running is fun but it’s like also tiring but you get use to it and that’s pretty cool!

AO: Have you ever thought about quitting?

AV: Um…. yes, a lot of times because like….um….when we were going up miles I was like struggling and like I was getting very tired so like yeah I did think about quitting  sometimes but I never officially did.

AO: What has made you stay in SRLA so far?

AV: Um….I used to think it was a struggle like it made me struggle and like it was hard but i found that it was easy to be in it and it’s like fun to run it with friends like you or Jeshuah and it’s fun like just doing it overall.

AO: What do you like about SRLA?

AV: Um… I like running and like and like I just like staying after school and running and being able to run with my friends… and yeah!

AO: Do you plan doing SRLA in the future?

AV: Um…maybe like in ninth grade like in high school another year like in high school maybe I plan doing it again if I think that I did good on like this one and…um so yeah maybe I will keep doing it in high school but I’m not sure!?

AO: When you are not doing student leadership or SRLA what do you like to do?

AV: Um… when I’m not doing SRLA or like others, I like to like…um? I usually like to stay at home…not… no never mind I don’t usually like to stay at home! I like going out to places just for fun with friends or something like that! And after school I like going out cause it’s fun when you go out with friends…so yeah!

AO: What do you like about going with your friends?

AV: Um….it’s fun because they make it fun! Um…. also I just like going out to places cause it’s interesting I don’t know? like i do not know how to explain it! But it’s fun going out and mostly with friends more fun because like it’s your friends it’s like [sigh] they, cause their fun!

AO: What places have you visited?

AV: Um…. I went to the mall and just like their houses and like I recently went to….Um…. horror nights with my friend Felix, so yeah it was fun!

AO: What has been your favorite place to visit so far?

AV: Um….my favorite place to visit so far…um..I don’t know? I don’t really have a favorite place….um… but I enjoy going to the movie theater mostly because I don’t know movie it’s fun and…um..yeah I guess cause it’s just like um their fun!  Oh I mean their fun and I enjoy watching the movies with friends cause like more it’s more funny sometimes.

AO: What’s one movie you can re-watch and not get tired of it?

AV: Uh… I think a movie that I could re-watch without getting tired of it I think is? I think mostly any horror movie like Jeepers Creepers or like….um….what’s it called? Chainsaw Massacre. I don’t know? That one is kinda bad!? But like any horror movies is good that I’ll never get tired of it. Also like murder documentaries I never get tired of them for some reason I don’t know cause I find them interesting….so yea.

AO: Rate the Jeffery Dahmer documentaries or series from 1-10.

AV: Uh…. I give it like a 3 I didn’t really watched it I just watched episode 1 and 2 and then skipped all the way to 10 because I didn’t want to watch the other episodes cause it didn’t look interesting enough for me to like waste my time watching it but from those 3 episodes i watched….Um….I also got a peek from like not a peek but like saw some of the parts from 1-5 but i think the last one were he like get murder is the best one or like most of the action happens I guess…. So yea i’ll give it a 3 even though I didn’t even watch it.

AO: What has been your favorite documentary so far?

AV: Uh….My favorite documentary is probably like the American murder of like I think is like the family next door….um….I found it interesting like the story line and like how it show’s the situations the events that happened before like the murderers and stuff like that! So that one is my favorite one. I also never get tired of it every time I re-watched it so I enjoy that one for some reason and uh it’s probably not my favorite but it’s one of my favorite ones!

AO: Should everyone be scared of you cause you watch a lot of murder documentaries and like you probably know how to kill someone and hide someone should everyone be scared of you or no?

AV: NO….NOO…. I just think they’re interesting to watch….uhm…. No…no…no.

AO: Alright Aimee, thank you for letting me interview you:)