2K23: The Best Sports Game

Cover of 2K23

Cover of 2K23

There are many fun games to play on every video game platform like Xbox, Playstation, and PC. For example, there is 2K23, MLB The Show 23, and Fifa 23. These are all popular sports games that many people play. But, out of these three video games I believe that 2K23 is the best.

2K23 is a basketball video game that is based on the National Basketball Association. According to Realsport101.com, the official release date for NBA 2K23 was Friday, September 9, 2022. NBA 2K23 is one of the most popular basketball games in the world. It has different modes that you can play. “MyCareer” and “MyTeam” are some of the modes or sections of 2K23 that you can play. In “MyTeam” you are able to build your own roster with NBA players from any era. In “MyCareer” you can create your own unique player that you can upgrade with VC, which is the most important thing in 2K23. “VC” is the virtual currency you need to buy things. Some of the things you can buy are attributes that let you upgrade your player, clothes that your player can wear, or packs which you can use to get players in MyTeam.

Polygon.com says, “Every player starts at 60 overall” and the max overall is 99. Most people are judged by their players overall. For example, if a 67 overall player is trying to play with you and a 97 overall player is already playing with you, you would choose the 97. The lower the player overall, the worse the player is. The higher the player overall is, the better they are.

However, even if a player is high overall they still have to be skilled at the game and have a good player or good “build.” Videogames.si.com states that the best builds are “Dining 3pt Shooters,“ “ Inside-Out Shot Creators,” and “Inside-Out Point Forwards.” All of these builds are for shooting, dunking, or for shooting and dunking.

In my opinion, 2K23 is the best sports game to play because it has many unique features.