Thrifting is good for the environment


Jon Cartwright

A picture of a thrift store.

Because of Tik Tok, thrifting has become more popular. Thrift shoppers look for used, donated clothes. 

According to Goodwill, “second hand clothes saves the environment because it gives the clothes a second home which is really good for the environment and to provide clothes a longer life span instead of being thrown away in the garbage or thrown on the streets.” 

According to Topic Insight, giving away your clothes to thrift shops is better than throwing it away because it helps save the environment since it doesn’t end up in landfills. 

Repurposing items has been a thing for many years. According to Comfort World, some ways you can repurpose your items could be using them  as a rag or you could use old shirts and tie dye them. This helps the environment because it minimizes the amount of unwanted clothing going to landfills. This doesn’t just help the environment but you get a new piece of clothing to enjoy.

Eighth grader Jasmine Cirilo says, “Yes, I do know stuff about thrifting because I have seen videos on tiktok and no, I haven’t tried to go thrifting yet. I have seen videos of y2k clothes. I also really like the idea of thrifting because they take money off the original price because it’s already used.”

Jasmine thinks that thrifting can save money and loves how she can find her style of clothes.

Eighth grader Ten Mendez says, “People go thrifting to find clothes that they like for less. Thrifting also saves money because it’s the whole reason for thrifting. I’ve also seen most thrifting videos on TikTok and it is because of the hype it’s receiving to save money.”

Ten thinks that the whole point of thrifting is to save money.

Eighth grader Karen Flores says, “I think thrifting is a way to find yourself and find nice clothes for just a small amount of money. I have not gone thrifting yet but it looks fun and I would like to do it. I have seen thrifting on TikTok and YouTube.”

Karen thinks you can save money and find cute clothing for a small amount of money.

Thrifting is a good way to find clothes for a lower price and can save the environment.