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What happened to Free Dress Friday?

Why did free dress Friday end and how do people feel about it leaving?
The dress code (from advisory slides)

What happened to free dress?

I interviewed some eighth graders on how they feel about Free Dress Friday leaving and asked a teacher on why Free Dress Friday left and why it’s not a part of JMS anymore. 


Why do we no longer have Free Dress Friday?

Ashlie Gomez: What happened to Free Dress Friday?  

Teacher Jacqueline Alamilla: The reason Free Dress Friday left was because of dress code violations, because people would come in free dress when they didn’t qualify for it. It happened so much that the office and administrators talked it over and decided that they would take Free Dress Friday away the following school year. 

AG: Oh, okay, then that makes sense in why they took it away. Do you think they would bring back Free Dress Friday? 

JA: I don’t think so because of all the violations that would happen when we did have Free Dress Friday.

AG: Okay then thank you for talking to me.


What are eighth graders’ reactions?

I then asked some eighth graders how they felt about Free Dress Friday leaving and not being able to wear regular clothes and having to wear a uniform on Fridays.


First I spoke with Jaylah Everett.

Ashlie Gomez: How do you feel about Free Dress Friday leaving?

Jaylah Everett: I mean it’s not a big deal because then I don’t have to worry about picking out an outfit every Friday and the uniform is cheaper because you don’t have to buy much. Also because I wasn’t here in sixth grade when Free Dress Friday was still a thing and happening every Friday, so it didn’t really affect me.

AG: Okay then thank you for your opinion on Free Dress Friday.


I then asked Roselyn Martinez on how she feels.

Ashlie Gomez:  How do you feel about free dress Friday leaving ?

 Roselyn Martinez: I feel upset because now I don’t have a day where I can wear comfortable clothes and not be able to express myself through clothing showing my true self.

AG: Okay then thank you for stating your opinion and talking to me.

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