The Longest Ride Movie Review

“The Longest Ride”, a PG-13 rated movie, is a drama/romance film directed by George Tillman, the directer from “The Fault In Our Stars.” A regular college student named Sophia (Britt Robertson) met her one and only, true love, bull-riding champion, Luke (Scott Eastwood) during a rodeo. Sophia and Luke have different ideas of the future and have different paths ahead of them that threaten their relationship. Eventually they find an elderly man, named Ira (Alan Alda), who has a similar past to what the couple are going through.

This movie is a heart-touching romance. Have you ever wanted something so badly, but you know you’ll never get it and it just makes you mad? Watching the movie makes you wish you had something so similar.  The relationship in the movie is very realistic. The characters show that they have love for each other and have very passionate feelings for one another. The realistic relationship is what attracts people because they play the roles of something that every person sees or wants in a relationship.

The movie is also an eye-watering tragedy. The way the relationship finds itself coming to an end makes you cry so much it feels like your eyeballs are going to slip off along with the tears that are slowly running down your cheek. The young couple’s relationship gets compared to the elderly old man’s relationship. That’s what makes you burst into dramatic tears. The elderly old man, Ira, and bull-riding Luke, both are headed to a dangerous future, and the wife of the elderly man, Ira, and Luke’s girlfriend, Sophia, don’t want to live the rest of their life worrying if they are ever going to see the men who they love deeply ever again.

I strongly recommend people to see this movie if they are into romance or drama. I also recommend this movie to people who have enjoyed the following books or movies: The fault In Our Stars, Dear John, or The Notebook. These movies all have something in common which is love. This movie is a sweet, incredible, inspirational movie, and is highly recommended.