Infinity War Review

Rick Gonzalez, staff writer

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Infinity War is a very important movie to the Marvel franchise. It was created by Marvel and they are a company that produces movies. They make movies based on superheroes and are trying to make them all relate, like The Avengers, another movie made by them.

Marvel Comic Universe

The villain that is causing destruction is Thanos, a giant with a gruff voice. Thanos is too focused on Hulk and is always trying to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Although nowadays he has no problem clearing out cities, he believes that his once-beautiful home world was wrecked by too many people because he used to live on a planet in which the people had not taken care of the planet. He would like instead to wipe out half the universe with a snap of his fingers. This he can do provided his fist holds six Infinity Stones, elemental crystals that control his powers. Marvel did do a good job on hooking people with the trailer.

Not many people liked the fact that heroes died in the movie. In fact a student named Milton Hernandez in 8th grade stated,”I don’t like it that they died because now they might not include the heroes again in a movie unless something magical happens.” The student didn’t like the fact that heroes died and most of other students in the school like Citlali Apolinar a student in eighth grade didn’t like it. She stated, “I did like it but the fact that the heroes died makes me want to say otherwise.” The fact that in the movie so many of the heroes created are gone is what made people dislike the movie.

Marvel made a slight mistake when completing the movie by eliminating some of the heroes. People would highly disagree with how Marvel had to eliminate the heroes in the movie. People might be big  fans of the heroes and they also  just eliminated the heroes like nothing without a sign that they were going to disappear from the  story. Marvel now has to work on Infinity War for  a long time because of how strong they made Thanos look.


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  1. Edgar on August 21st, 2018 12:33 pm

    Rick you got the whole story wrong because Thanos didn’t focus on the Hulk. The picture you have is a joke. Literally they are all the same person and it isn’t the original one. The movie gave every character a story arc and you failed to write it in. He wiped out half of the universe as of a means of surviving because he thought of the over population that was occurring would be the end of it all. Thanos thought of it as fair and balanced while others saw it as genocide. The infinity stones don’t control his powers they grant him the powers of each stone. This movie was the culmination of the 10 years the mcu was born and you didn’t even mention it.I knew i should’ve done this story myself. And you shouldn’t have spoiled the movie for people who have not seen it. The only reason why you did the story was to get back at me and you did a horrible job. This has got to be the worst movie “review” I have ever seen.

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Infinity War Review