Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game


Edgar Tejada, staff writer


Spider-Man is a popular superhero across the world. From children to adults, everybody loves Spider-Man. For the past few years Spider-Man has seen failed video games from the company Beenox. After the failed tie-in game The Amazing Spider-Man 2, fans want something new and fresh.


In 2016 a video game company by the name of Insomniac has gained the rights to make a Spider-Man game only exclusive to the Playstation. They also released footage of it at E3. They didn’t show much, but they did show a new suit. At PGW 2017 they showed gameplay of how it works. The company has gained an immense amount of pressure from fans saying that they’ll never surpass Activision’s 2004’s Spider-Man 2 which was a movie tie-in and had an awesome web swinging mechanic. Insomniac has promised to surpass Spider-Man 2’s web swinging and so far they have shown footage of the web swinging which may I say looks amazing, but the game doesn’t just revolve around web slinging. The game needs a good combat system. Something that feels acrobatic, but also some webs. Thankfully the team thought of that and did it.


Let’s move on from gameplay and onto the pre-order bonuses. If you pre-order the game you’ll receive three bonus skins. Four skins have been shown in the recent videos. They include Spider-Man noir, Spider Punk, Spider-Man homecoming homemade suit, and the Avengers Iron Spider suit. These suits are super detailed and have different perks. The developers have confirmed that the suits are craftable and you can make them out of materials that you find out throughout New York City. This just adds homage to the comics and films including such awesome suits.


The Insomniac team has really outdone themselves in creating a lively New York city buzzing with activity. Everything is accessible to the player. One of the staff from Game Informer said that he was free roaming and decided to go to a basketball court. He went there and was able to web the ball and slam it into the floor. The city life isn’t just on the floor, but also on the roof. Npc’s can be seen partying or just hanging out. There’s been a lot of detail that has gone into this game and it can be shown through trailers and the demo gameplay at E3 2017.

This game could change superhero games in way that hasn’t been done since the Batman Arkham series. Something new to rebirth the games and something fresh. The game is set to release on September 7, 2018. Remember to pick one up and have a great time.