‘Why I Fight’ takes a turn

Why I Fight takes a turn

The book that is my favorite is “Why I Fight.” I would recommend this book to anyone that likes real life issues, fights, or reading about a kid in a toxic situation due to his brother. I personally think this book is interesting, but everyone has different genres they like to read. I suggest you read it to decide if you personally like it, which hopefully you do. 


This book explains why Wyatt Reaves (the main character) fights and causes trouble. He does not live with somebody safe. He lives with his favorite uncle, but his uncle acts like he is a security guard because he knows how to fight and he doesn’t want anybody to steal his drugs.


Wyatt’s uncle (Spade) makes him go into rings and fight for money. They are constantly on the move and Wyatt doesn’t like it because he wants to stay in one spot and be somewhere stable.


The way this book was written is interesting. I think this because sometimes they say what happened in the story before the event, which I kind of like because I like getting to the point. I honestly don’t care about how the book is set up because if it was any other way you wouldn’t be able to understand the book.


So to sum this up, I would definitely recommend this book to anybody. I felt like I wouldn’t like this due to the fact that it was about a boy fighting, but instead when I read it I liked it so much. So if I liked it, I have high hopes that you will like it too.