“What is stronger than the human heart, which shatters over and over and still lives?”


“the sun and her flowers” is a really inspiring book for women who are going through hard times. This poem book is what females need that will inspire them to continue and not give up even though they are going through hard times.


This book by Rupi Kaur is about how she survived a break up, accepting herself and how she is.  It’s about how she needs to move on even though she’s gone through hard moments and how she needs someone who will treat her right and not less than what she is.  Lastly, the book shows that women aren’t something you could play: with and that we are all beautiful and other people want to take that from all of us.


Kaur in her book also includes drawings that explain in detail what she means in her poems. The poems she writes are really meaningful and make an impact on each other and it shows what she is talking about.


The book is separated into five different chapters, each show a way in which are how flowers teach people how they must wilt, fall, root, and rise in order to bloom.


Kaur in her book explains how society makes women feel less beautiful than what they already are. In the chapter “blooming” it says, “it is a trillion-dollar industry that would collapse if we believed we were beautiful enough already.”


A brief summary of “the sun and her flowers” is how women survive going through breakups and eventually accepting themselves and how they are also worth it even though men make them feel worthless. Kaur also teaches other women to accept themselves the way we are, and how we should teach other women to do so too. My real opinion on this book is that it has taught me to move on and to love myself and accept myself the way I am.  It’s taught me to not change anything about myself just because other people don’t accept me the way I am.